Personal Narrative: I Want To Attend UNC Wilmington

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I will not lie to you UNC Wilmington was not my first choice of schools, I was the kid who wanted to get out of the area and explore. My dreams originated elsewhere in big cities living in the fast lane and no turning back. I felt this way all of the way up until about two weeks ago, this was when I realized everything I want and or need in life is right here in Wilmington. Love also played a big factor in my decision to want to attend UNC Wilmington but a love much more than that of any significant other this love is for my school. I attend Heide Trask High School, it is very small and the athletics are very lack luster at best. Instead of the person that is ready to get as far away as they can from their high school I have now come to realize that my heart is in Rocky Point. I feel an obligation to make Trask great. …show more content…

Being so close to home will allow me to branch out and experience life while also having a sense of familiarity with the area that I have grown to know and love. I also really embrace the Seahawk life as a whole and have really taken notice as of late at just how much school spirit there is around the campus, which is something that I really value. My major which is not entirely offered at UNC Wilmington is very important to me as I strive to become an athletic director, but I have spoken to a few people that are taking the same career path as me that have told me that the admissions department was eager to work with them to piece together exactly the courses they need. The entire atmosphere just makes me feel more comfortable than other places that I have the options of being and when I see myself in the next years I see myself at UNC Wilmington. This would be the best decision for me not just for the reasons mentioned above, but for my well being in order for me to

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