Washtenaw Reflection

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I would like to be the student speaker because Washtenaw has changed my life in a significant way. I have learned countless life skills from going to school at Washtenaw Community College. By going here, I have gained the confidence needed to move forward in my life. I came to WCC as a high school dropout, with a G.E.D. I dropped out of high school at 9th grade to help provide for my family. My mother was in jail for a drunk driving offense and my father wasn’t around. I lived with my grandparents and with my brother and I, a family of four scrapped by off my grandfather pension. It wasn’t enough. My grandmother pulled me out of school, at my insistence, and told the school that I was going to be homeschooled now. Being too young at 15 to …show more content…

I studied for the G.E.D. test but nothing made sense anymore. It had been years since I had done anything scholastic, and it wasn’t coming back easily. I studied for months and when it came time to take the tests, I was nervous. Could I really do this? I almost gave up but the thought of my grandma and mom pushed me on. I passed! I was relieved and, honestly, a little surprised. I had done it. Then came the next part, getting accepted to college. I didn’t really know where to start. Someone suggested going to Washtenaw Community College. They were going now and really liked how amazing and caring the teachers were. So, I applied, and I started Fall 2014. My time at WCC has been amazing. I’ve made friends, learned amazing things, and have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing instructors that exist anywhere. WCC isn’t just a community college to me. It was the place where I truly found who I wanted to be. WCC gave me the tools to succeed as a first-generation college student. By going here, it has lit a fire of passion in me to continue and get a degree in Chemistry. I believe that every person no matter what station they are in life can overcome and get to where they want to be. For me, Washtenaw Community College is what made that

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