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To start off, there are countless reasons as to why I should attend Villa Maria Academy. From the fantastic athletics, the reassuring fact (to dad) that there are no boys, the education, and lastly the security of a stable school. I feel Villa Maria Academy would offer me a lot that other schools can’t. All I hear are the unending raves as to how Villa can prepare you for college and real life situations. Villa will create unending, vast opportunities for me as a student and a person.

Knowingly, Villa athletics are everywhere. Their cross country and track teams would offer a lot to me. The cross country team has won two state titles, eight District 10 titles, six metro/section titles, and five regional titles. Their track team has endless awards as well. They have a myriad of state qualifiers, two District 10 titles, one metro title, and four regional titles. I feel I would have more of a chance of earning scholarships to colleges when I get older. Like I said before, this school would contribute to my life as an adult.

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They are not in any threat of hurting their students academically. It would put less stress on me as a student to have that reassuring factor that my school wouldn’t shut down or lose athletics. Villa Maria Academy strides to be a school that young girls can look up to and not worry about the safety of their education. Even though Villa may seem pricey, there are many ways to pay for it. From “athletic” and “academic” scholarships, financial aid, and the eighth grade honors program. Villa even offers a shadow day where students can request someone with similar interests to follow around all day and get to know the school better. Along with that, there is open house and they have scholarship drawing there. They show around the school which includes (brief list): the newly constructed science lab, gymnasium, lunchroom, and Villa’s IPad

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