Persuasive Essay On Osage High School

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In a world where things are always changing and getting better we get to the topic of Osage High School and its change. The school has turned a little outdated with not adding the proper improvements like other school have in the area. Now I am totally for the new renovations of the school to in hopes to get student more comfortable and proud of the school. Overall I feel as if the new additions will improve the school and the students in it. The main points of a school are a place where students can learn and feel safe. Students talk about our classes being too dull and not really a true environment to learn and with the new renovations I feel as if the students would feel like they finally have a place they feel comfortable to study and work at. The other main point is safety one of the most important things maybe not seen by students but valued by teachers and parents. One of the major disasters going throughout the country are school shootings. With the new and improved security system and the setup of superintendents everyone who has to go through the superintendent in order to get into the school thus casing shady characters to not enter. On top of that with out current call in system for the doors to be open plus the security …show more content…

But with this new set up we can be the same if not better than other schools. With the addition of a brand new 3 sided cheer section gym, new band room, flex room and many more I feel that our school will be past many schools in quality of stuff. With the new addition of something like the gym alone the school may look a lot nicer, since a lot of people from out of town don 't see the new classroom stuff they can still be very impressed by the new

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