School System Argumentative Essay

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Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius... But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid". Unfortunately, most school systems depict this quote. They judge a significant amount of the population by their ability to answer a few questions. They rate them with letters and numbers, and force students to be represented by these letters and numbers for the rest of their lives. The school system doesn't only do that, but they force people to believe that they are useless and much more. Our system is severely flawed and it is affecting children and teenagers in obscene ways, so action must be taken to change some factors. Many students relate to that fish. They live their …show more content…

Adults might accuse us of wanting shorter school days because we are being childish. Society will tell us we are asking for the impossible, but it's already happening. Finland has been responding to students; need with amazing results. They have shorter schooling days; they begin school when they are seven and graduate at sixteen. Compared to other schools, tests and homework are basically nonexistent. Students' intelligence aren't measured at all for the first sixed years, so they can focus more on learning, collaboration, and personal needs rather than competing with other students for an "A". The difference between the "weakest" and "strongest" is the smallest in the world. About two thirds of students attend college, and that is the highest rate in all of Europe. They also have longer breaks compared with other schools, and teachers only spend four hours a day in the class room and two hours for extra help. Today, Finland's education system is proven to be most effective, and students outperform most of the world. This evidence shows that not only are our requests possible, but they also bring out the best

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