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Schoolies week is a festival held on the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise for year 12 students who have just finished school. The schoolies organisation host different events such as the beach party, the glow party and the movie night. There is a large amount of controversy about weather schoolies week should still be going or not. There are a lot of issues involved with schoolies such as underage drinking, drug use, unsafe sex, injury and sometimes death. 1,500 teenagers attending Schoolies on the Gold Coast are surveyed each year by Drug Arm Australia. Last year’s figures show that three quarters of them got drunk, one in five passed out and a quarter of them injured themselves during the schoolies week. A more detailed survey was conducted in 2011 with the results being; 73.6% had been drunk, 37.6% had a hangover, 29.6% had sex, 16.8% had sex without a condom, 4.4% injected a drug, 3.5% shared a needle or syringe, 6.3% had driven a car while under the influence of alcohol, 10.6% had been in a car with a drunk driver, 24.8% vomited due to drinking, 6.1% vomited due to taking drugs, 18% passed out due to drinking, 6.9% passed out due to taking drugs, 26.5% had been injured or hurt, 14.2% had been in a fight, 13.1% had been sexually harassed, 15.6% had been cautioned by the police. An information expo was held by our year 12 health class. The topic …show more content…

They have the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe and stay away from danger. If they don’t have too much to drink or take any drugs they should be sober enough to know what they are doing and will be able to enjoy themselves. Even if they do have a bit too much to drink the support of their friends and the volunteer groups such as redfrogs and the emergency tents, should be able to keep them

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