Lowering The Drinking Age Analysis

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The Effects of Lowering the Drinking Age According to Carla T. Main in “Underage Drinking and the Drinking Age” from The Tennessee Electronic Library, the legal drinking age shouldn’t be reduced in result of all of the things that occur due to underage drinking. She talks about how institutions could help by having discussions with the college students about responsible drinking. When the drinking age was lowered between 1970 and 1976, the results were catastrophic. The highway deaths among teenagers and young adults skyrocketed. The author addressed a thirteen year old girl named Cari Lightner was walking to a carnival when she was struck and hit by a hit-and-run drunk driver and killed instantly. The author also talks about binge drinking and how if the legal drinking age is lowered, Americans would stop binge drinking;therefore, the conclusion is incorrect. She states that alcohol should be forbidden until 18-to 20 year olds precisely because they have a tendency to binge drink whether it is legal or illegal,and how college students get into a great deal of trouble due to binge drinking. Students endanger themselves and others. They sometimes even kill students. Another example of a danger to their fellow students is by sexually assaulting their female companions.They also get into fights with other young undergraduates.She states that 1000 on average die a year from alcohol-related traffic …show more content…

Results show that lowering the drinking age has negative impacts on society. One example of a negative effect is binge drinking and unwanted pregnancies. In addition to the negative effect of binge drinking, another negative effect is the number of accidents caused by underage drinkers. As well as binge drinking and the number of accidents cause being negative effects on society, teaching students how to be safe while drinking sounds great, but what are the chances that students will actually

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