Persuasive Essay On Vanden High School

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IDA Release Essay

The reason I feel this is essential is in hope for me to be enrolled into the Travis Unified School District, and eventually attend school at Vanden High. I feel that it would be of great appreciation that I receive endorsement in my process of successfully transferring to Vanden because it would be completely beneficial for myself, my happiness, my education, and my future. My education is what’s most important however, and so is the path to my future, and Vanden does provide me with many options that can give me an advantage to help achieve my physical and self-related goals. Fairfield High would be my next option after my current school the Public Safety Academy but, it is not the right place for me to be. In these next few paragraphs, I hope that you may consider my decision into allowing me to transfer districts. I am presently enrolled in the Public Safety Academy. The school is known for its strong …show more content…

If I were able to be enrolled into that district, I would be able to attend Vanden High School. It is easier for me to be provided with the transportation to get there because of the distance of my residence to the school site. I would be able to make it to school on time and receive all my instructional minutes. To add on, Vanden High has a massive variety of classes and other extracurricular activities that I would be willing to participate in because I believe it will reveal all the different paths my future can be provided with. The different types of curriculum supplied for me at Vanden are exceptional. I already have connections and relationships with people from Vanden High, so it would be easier for me to adjust into that system. I believe I would feel comfortable there, and so it will be easier for me to learn and enhance my high school career, knowing that I am able to feel secure and

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