Persuasive Essay On Grades

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Most students feel that the grades they get in school reflects them as a person but is this necessarily true? Schools have taught them that if they don't reach a certain academic standard they are not viewed as smart. Grades have a huge part in making people believe that those grades are given to them based upon their knowledge and not exactly on how hard a student works to get those grades. Grades do not depict the hard work a student puts in, but it shows how much knowledge someone has.

The grading scale for every school varies from one school to the next. Some have their letter system be higher than others. Grades are typically used to compare who has more knowledge or how smart a person is but is this necessarily true? If one student who has all A’s make them smarter than someone who has C’s? This is not …show more content…

For example, one student could work multiple hours on a project and work very hard on it to make it perfect while another student could work twelve minutes on it and do the same work. Both students could get the same grade but it is clear that one worked harder on it to get the same grade as a student who worked just twelve minutes on that same project. It shows that students are just graded based on what the final grade is not on how someone works. The term ‘smart’ and ‘hard working’ are sometimes get used as the same term when they have two different meanings. Most people believe that smart is a person with good grades but that’s not necessarily true. The definition of smart is having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. People who are smart easily remember information and they don’t have to try too hard to do well in school as they can retain information easily. Hard working is not the same thing as being smart. Hard working is when someone tries hard to get good grades. They may have to spend more time to retain the information that they will need to

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