Blue Collar Brilliance Essay

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“Blue Collar Brilliance” After Graduating High School students have a choice of going to college or not. College is a place where students want to be educated or have a better job in the future. Some people believe that students who go to college more intelligence than students who go working after graduating high school. However, going to college does not means all students as intelligence; because students might go to colleges to have a degree, but not to be intelligence. Sometimes intelligences can be measures by the level of school a student completed, but for a blue collar job they need to practice and observe in the field to be able to perform the job on they own preference. People believe students who go to college have intelligence more than students who’s in the work field after high school. UCLA Professor Mike Rose explain intelligence should not be measure by the level of school students completed and students can be successful in the work field or without finish school. In fact, Rose used his mother as an example of students might have intelligence without finish school. For instance, his mother drop off school in middle school who is a waitress at the coffee shop she has intelligence to memorize all the customer. According to Rose “he observe and studied the working habits of blue-collar job workers and have come to …show more content…

On the other hands, ignore that someone can learn from different blue-collar jobs. For example, for some people they need school to learn the steps of solving a math problem, but other people can look the problem in figure out the ways it work. Students has two choice in life how to be successful; first finish school have e better job and educated or go straight to work learn from your boss and co-workers. Both of them equality is the same whether some students go to school or work it’s depends on the person to become

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