Carolina Day School Vs Stem School Essay

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Imagine being a disliked 8th grader that has dyslexia, and you don’t know what school is going to be the best for you. I know that it sounds like a baby concern if compared to college, but it is a large decision for me. I am that unwelcome girl that you just imagined and I have that problem of where to go. Which school is best for me, Carolina Day, Invest Collegiate, or Stem school?
Carolina Day School is a fantastic school that has a great deal of valuable positives, but also have loathsome qualities. The valuable elements of CDS are that there are sports for anyone and you can’t be cut. Additionally, I have been on the school campus for 4 years, so I know the environment. This also means that I know some of the teachers and they know my dyslexia situation. Moreover, I know there 's help. If I having trouble on papers and becoming overwhelmed, I can always email a past teacher or ask for help personally. Another …show more content…

Stem is an exceptional school, but it also has a large amount of poor qualities. I like that the school is known for kinesthetic learning. I am a kinesthetic learner so that aspect would create exceptional academics. Also, I know that Rae is getting in because her sister was accepted, which means I would know her and some kids from church. In contrast some parts of the school that are not as desirable are that there are no art classes. Because I would still be a part of Enka there would be no band and It would be difficult to be in a sport. I want to be in a band and in sports which makes the school a little lower on the list. Similarly, there are shorter school days which would normally excite kids, but I love school. I would want to have a longer day if I could because that would mean that we would have more time for extracurriculars. Stem is also a lottery and so I am not definitely getting in. Stem has many undesirable aspects so Stem in farther down on the “I Want To Go”

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