Comparison Of Rogers State University And Tulsa Community College

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When it comes to college, people have a hard time deciding on which college to attend. As an senior in high school it is a big debate. Decisions are to be made, many comparisons of schools to be looked at, and etc. Rogers State University (RSU) and Tulsa Community College (TCC) are the two schools that predominantly catch my attention. Both schools offer a lot of advantages. As a senior in the Oklahoma region, these two colleges provide me enough back-up to really submit myself to a college or university. Although they both are very great schools they have their differences. RSU has a variety of degrees and much better academics they offer that TCC does not offer, but looking through some sources, Tulsa Community College provides affordable …show more content…

On a College Navigator website, the authors of “Rogers State University” asserts that RSU provides a variety of great mixes of types of things that both male and female can do and the expansion of the school. As a publisher of the site, it states that Rogers State University is a “public four year college, which accepts men and women to attend. RSU is located in Claremore, Oklahoma about 160 acres wide, with 8 facilities in all”. As a new generation many students are looking for schools that accept them for certain things. For example, high school students look for Co-ed schools, a campus that has a normal good size, and a school that provides many facilities to be in and a school that is somewhat near home. As for Rogers State University it really checks off all the check-list of these types of students. Tulsa Community College is about the same as RSU, but they have their indifferences. In a College Navigator site, the publisher of “Tulsa Community College” asserts that TCC is a great school to attend because of what they offer for on campus. As a publisher of the website, they state that TCC is a “ two year public school, it’s a co-ed campus located in many different areas of Tulsa, with a size of 80 acres wide, but not many facilities”. As the sources compare these two schools differences, the school to get the most chosen votes or applicants it would be Rogers State University because they offer many facilities for these students and it also gives enough space for students to be around school campus because of the size of it, but because of the location, Tulsa Community College wins over a few students because of the way they are separated out in the Tulsa county, making it easier for them to travel back and forth to places. As being said about the new generation, they look for schools that are most convenient and can really save them enough money. To travel back and forth

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