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Most community college students have a life outside their school life. Some may have more priorities than others, but they still have to pay for things, manage time, and most work at least a minimum of ten hours . There are many students that don 't return for the second year at a community college for many reasons, but the main reason is that many community college students have experienced debt. Which leads to why many first time Community College students don 't return for the second year due to money issues. First, many community college students have to work several hours while going to school. If many did not work treacherous hours they would not be able to pay a house payment, car payment, and food. Without money none of that is possible. Many of these community college students work either a full time, or part time job. Some community colleges are cheaper than others, but it does cost a lot of money either way which forces these community college students to have a work life and be less involved in school. Therefore, community college students that work have to balance their time between work life and school life which could be a struggle for the students that need a lot of time on their school work. Whenever students feel they are struggling in school and getting burnt out between school and work. Some give up and …show more content…

Secondly, a lot of students show hard work in the class room, but they also work hard outside of the classroom at their job. This hard work at their jobs allows them to get a job advancement. By getting a better job advancement means more money for the student that got the opportunity for advancement. When students think they are making good money because they make more money than they have ever made, they drop out of college thinking they can live on that pay for the rest of their lives. Job advancement is another reason why community college students leave college, they think they can make money and start a career without going to

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