Attending College Vs Two Year College Essay

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Every student, after he or she graduates from high school will have the choice of attending to a University or a two year Community College. I remember Lee, my friend Joe’s brother, asking me after I finished high school and whether or not I wanted to join to a University or a two year Community College. At the time, it took me a week to answer his question. Similarly, if I was to ask any student where he or she wants to go after they finish high school, one might find that they’ll receive different answers, and for different reasons. For some students it is best to go to community college and focus on getting an Associate’s Degree or taking transferable courses. During the same period, I know of my friends that decide to continue their education by enrolling in a university and work to complete a Bachelor’s Degree to obtain a job in their specific field. From my experience and perspective, attending a two year college surpass to a university due to tuition and class size. …show more content…

Almost all two year community colleges cost less than a hundred dollar per credit hour, in comparison at a University, it is over two hundred and fifty dollars for the same credit hour. For example, the cost of tuition of the courses on campus at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) is around eighty nine dollars per one credit hour, which is roughly one thousand and a hundred dollars for a person with twelve credit hours. At the same time at Georgia State University (GSU), it is approximately two hundred and eighty five dollars per credit hour. An associate of mine, Jamal, is taking twelve credit hours and he will pay almost three thousand dollars. Therefore, attending a two year college help students from financial stress giving them extra freedom. Clearly studying at a community college has an obvious financial advantage over a

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