Dallas Isd Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Dallas Independent School District to build a safe and positive physical education environment for all students, and encourage our community to be apart of our progression to build a physically active lifestyle for all our students.

Goals and Objectives

It is our vision to inspire and implement instruction that emphasizes enjoyable activities for all students to maintain this healthy and active approach for life. The goal of our department is to provide these diverse experiences through physical, cognitive and wellness related activities that develop the mind and body with the collaboration of staff, students and the community.

Changes to Program

Over the past years, Dallas ISD physical education …show more content…

Market Climate

SWOT Analysis Strengths:

• Dallas ISD physical education faculty and staff are highly qualified
• New programs have been implemented in the restructuring of the high school physical education program


• Limited resources to carry out all programs to their fullest
• All schools may not have the newest equipment needed to implement program to fullest potential

Opportunities • Families and communities willing to participate and grow with the new implementation of programs

Threats (Dallas ISD Demographic Update, 2012)

• Private and charter schools that draw students away from DISD. The projected trend is for more charter and private schools to increase the coming years.
• Unconcern and disinterest from families’ and the community in the new school physical education programs

Positioning & Branding

Dallas ISD: Keep Moving in the Right Direction

Students who keep active and moving in the Dallas ISD have many benefits (Clark, 1993 and Griffith, 1996). The following are some of the …show more content…

Use of after-school programs, such as Dallas Parks and Recreation and Boys and Girls Clubs to promote the physical activity programs.
2. Use of www.dallasisd.org to link families and students with Physical Education activities.
3. Use of Dallas ISD Facebook page to keep families and communities informed of upcoming events
4. Advertise in local papers for special events that students can participate, such as fun runs.

Pricing and Place

Dallas ISD has a budget of $3,000 that will be spent advertising our new logo, “Keep Moving in the Right Direction”. This promotion, in which we plan to advertise in the Dallas Morning News and on social media sites, will get the community more involved in our physical education program.

Evaluation/Community Communication

There will be community meetings every 4rd Monday night, of each month, at 8:00 pm in every high school gymnasium. These will be held to discuss the progression of the program between each schools physical education teacher and the community as a whole.
The physical education teachers needs to provide:
• What is being taught in the upcoming month per

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