Should Physical Education Be Required In Schools Essay

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Physical education would start in just about 1820 when schools focused on gymnastics, hygiene training and care and development of the human body. By the year 1950, over 400 institutes had introduced majors in physical education. Colleges were encouraged to focus on intramural sports particularly track, field and football. But now, in the 21st Century schools are starting to rethink if they should have it in their curriculum. In our era right now children are becoming more obese and overweight than ever due to all of the electronic distractions in today 's society. So now, it should be more required than ever to make sure kids aren’t overweight and they are fit. Although physical education takes time away from other subjects in the classroom, physical education should be required in schools because our generation is becoming overweight and it helps students do better in class. To begin, physical …show more content…

According to the article How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success, children who take part in physical activity absorb and retain new information more effectively than other students who are out of shape. This suggests, that to help students do better in school and in the classroom, they should make physical education mandatory. With physical activity present in a young students daily routine, they tend to have better grades. The article Physical Education Should be a Mandatory Class all Four Years of High School informs the reader that, According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, physical education doesn’t just lower the risk of diseases later in life but also improves focus in the classroom. In other words, P.E doesn’t just lower the risk of obesity and heart failure, it helps students in the classroom which is an even better reason to keep it around because it has multiple

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