Physical Education Persuasive Speech

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Intro • Anecdote-Remember how you felt in PE? Maybe you loved all of it; or maybe, like me you mostly dreaded it. But do you remember one unit you really enjoyed? Or one skill you developed? Or one friend you made? • Link- And looking back, I realized that through Physical Education Classes I learned many new sports, skills and had a good time, meeting new people. • Position Statement- Physical Education is should be mandatory for students in High School because it helps combat obesity, it benefits students in many ways outside of the gym and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. 1st point • Topic Sentence- PE promotes a healthy lifestyle later in life. • Reason- PE classes teach students a healthy lifestyle and habits that will benefit them long after high school. • Evidence- “Physical …show more content…

• Evidence- The National Association for Sport and Physical Education states that physical education classes help children develop fine and gross motor skills, learn cooperation and teamwork, reduce stress, improve self-confidence and self-esteem. • Argue- Physical Education takes away from learning and is not required for college. While this is true, how to exercise is just as essential, not just for college but for your life. It needs to be taught. Colleges don’t require it, doesn’t matter for admission, takes up space for an AP class. PE can be integrated into the schedule so it does not take up space for an AP class. AP classes are stressful, and PE can help you relax. The brain, necessary for any class is worked in different way in PE. • Concession and rebuttal- PE is a way for students to relax...” There’s a lot of great research that shows that higher functioning of the brain and greater happiness come with exercise” - Steve

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