Informative Essay: The Importance Of Recess

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Sierra Brinkley Mrs. Huffine HE2SP March 27, 2018 Recess Children are like fireplaces, they are constantly being filled and soaked with tons of important information. If you shut off the flue, the vigorous fire you spent much time building will have nowhere to vent. Smoke will overflow everywhere, too thick to see, with no where to go. This is exactly how children feel when they are bombarded with excessive amounts of information, with absolutely where to vent and let go. Recess grants adolescents with independence, social skills, physical activity, and a way to express themselves. These are all extremely important developmental building blocks that help them to grow into future members of society. According to the American Association for the Child's Right to Play, many school systems have dropped recess since 1989. “Personal conversations with principals and teachers suggest that they feel pressured to pack more instruction into the school day because of new calls for accountability” (Jarett Olga). Some of the main …show more content…

Children tend get bullied where there is little to no adult supervision. Some of the most common places are not only playgrounds, but also in cafeterias, hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms. Aggressive behavior at times can be intense, even when its rates of occurrence are low. Although the rate of aggression on playgrounds and at recess are incredibly low, hurting a child physically or mentally should never be tolerated. As a supplement to recess, physical education was given a deep consideration. Physical education classes do not provide as much of a benefit as recess. In 2001, the Council on Physical Education for Children expressed the idea of replacing recess with physical education. Although physical education gives an outlet to let out anger, like any other academic classes, it imposes serious demand on children. Therefore, a physical education class is not much of a

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