The Pros And Cons Of Elementary And Middle School

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Many students want to go home and please their parents with a good test score. It makes them feel accepted. To a child, their parents being proud of them is the best thing that they could receive. But in middle school, many students are failing those tests, getting bad grades. The only difference between elementary school and middle school is more individual topics and recess. Recess is an enormass change that happens between elementary and middle school. Recess has a purpose, that middle school should not be able to take away. Getting better grades, calming aspects, and exercise are all reasons why middle schools should get recess.
First, getting good grades is essential to getting the future that many people strive for. Starting to really care for a good grade at a young age matters. But what some school boards don 't notice it that individual grades are going down. Sure many schools have the smart honor roll kids, but behind that are a bunch of D’s and F’s students. “The importance of physical fitness in the development of cognitive and memory skills have long been extolled by scientists. Cardiorespiratory capacity, muscular strength, and motor ability are components of physical fitness that have been known to improve mental health” (Iyer 1). In gym the teachers are always telling the students that they should get this amount of exercise and this amount of rest. But if the school board is not giving them what they had taught the students, 60 minutes of exercise. Hectic

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