AKA Immigrant Parents

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Way back when: parents knew when to be responsible for their children’s academic accomplishments – and students themselves – this seems to have diminished completely. the times have completely changed, nowadays, many people AKA ignorant parents, believe that it is the high school itself, teachers, and the government that are responsible for students getting good grade because the arrogance and sense of pride levels have risen so much, they are too prideful to believe their child could possibly fail and it be their fault. Before, when you got an F, your parents would blame you, ground you, and make you write “ill do my homework” 100 times on a piece of paper; today, they would rather take the time out of their day, go to your school and demand…show more content…
In the United States, free education is a rare privilege, one that is very under appreciated i might add; every single class skipped is worth a certain amount of money lost, a significant amount of money. Whether a student studies at high school, college, or university, it does not matter – the average cost of a skipped class is in the range between 50$ to 100$ per student. imagine all of the students who find it necessary to skip classes because they don't feel like going, it all adds up.If a student chooses to skip classes regularly, it will cost them, their parents, and the school a lot of money annually, without getting the result: education and knowledge.with the loss of all this revenue they could be possessing,expands the limitations of the budget the school may have, leading to cuts regarding extra curricular activities, which are what make school…show more content…
Where one may see it as an absense, a just a day they missed a worksheet that can be picked up and finished the following day. is a direct waste of money for all those who have to pay for the education – and such people are the majority. also a complete sign of utter disrespect to those who do not have to luxury to encounter this free education that sets them up for life Students who skip classes are more likely to get lower grades and face a biased attitude from their teachers leading to a miserable year because teachers have the power to do so; moreover, they have lower chances to successfully graduate, and enroll in a college – of any type. Such students are also more likely to live on a welfare, and get engaged in antisocial behavior. Therefore, this problem should be treated and enforced with discipline consequences with all possible attention from teachers, parents, and

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