Diamond Valley Middle School Mission Statement

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Our AVID Site Team and Instructional Leadership Team worked together to create Diamond Valley Middle School's mission and vision statement. At Diamond Valley Middle School, our vision is for all students to be grade-level proficient in all curricular areas and to achieve grade-level college and career readiness benchmarks to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Diamond Valley's mission is to accomplish our vision by:
● Maintain a positive safe School Climate by proactive approaches to meet the needs of all students;
● Bringing together stakeholders to work collaboratively for students;
● Providing enriched learning experiences for all students in every classroom;
● Measuring ALL students' academic and behavioral growth and development in each grade level;
● Closing the achievement gap between …show more content…

Robert Dominguez, Principal of Diamond Valley Middle School explains that a current problem facing DVMS is finding ways to integrate the new AVID policies and procedures into the fabric of our school while maintaining an inclusive environment while working towards our schoolwide vision. Naturally, the DVMS vision and mission aligns well with the AVID mission since DVMS has been working towards becoming an AVID Demonstration School while attempting to maintain our Site of Distinction Status. In addition, we are working on developing more inclusive practices in regard to the placement of our special education students. Mr. Dominguez explains that in an attempt to promote AVID school-wide and allow all students admittance into the program (inclusion versus exclusion) we have inadvertently hurt our chances of obtaining Demo status or maintaining our Site of Distinction. Currently, we have more F's than is considered acceptable by AVID therefore we have to develop a system to identify, track, and drop AVID students fairly and

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