Whoville Middle School Needs Assessment Paper

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Whoville Middle School is in need of a vision. I would further investigate the needs of the school to ensure that all of the needs are identified. A needs assessment plan will be used to provide important information concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the school. I would collaborate with the teachers and parents of the community to develop a vision that would best improve the school. I have to be aware of the demographics of the school in means of diversity and diverse educational needs. A school based community would need to be form to help improve the school. The school based community will involve everyone in the decision making process. I would seek feedback from parents to see what they expect from the school. A discussion of how teachers and parents can contribute to the vision will also be added. The stakeholders will have to understand their roles in order for process to be successful. The mission of Whoville Middle School is to provide a happy, caring and motivating environment where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best impact to society. The vision would be expressed through banners and the mottos such as a letter head. The school vision would be expressed during assemblies and PTO meetings. The monitoring of the school will be addressed in PLC, faculty and staff, and PTO meetings. Parents will receive a newsletter of the progress of the …show more content…

A teacher and parent survey will be used to help measure the effectiveness of the school educational program. I will have to ensure that every student and parent know that are important to the success of the school and their voices will be heard, by seeking feedback from the community. The strengths and weaknesses from the survey would be used to identify school goals, along with consensus building. Consensus building will allow for everyone voice to be

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