Summary Of Beyond F. A. T. City By Richard D Lavoie

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The video “Beyond F.A.T. City: Look Back, Look Ahead-Conversation about Special Education”is an excellent source to utilize for special education teachers, parents, and general teachers alike. Richard D. Lavoie has a direct approach on helping children with disabilities succeed. The in-depth discussion opens the eyes of teachers and parents regarding what is fair in the classroom, how to bring the concepts of fairness to the home environment, and the importance of not assuming things about individuals. Richard D. Lavoie defines fairness in the classroom as everyone gets what he or she needs (Beyond, 2005). Many children believe that fairness means that everything is equal, however, that is not the case, especially in an educational setting. Lavoie goes on to explain the importance of defining and explaining fairness to your students on the first day of school, so they understand that each individual student will get what they need, even though it may not seem fair to others. …show more content…

What stuck out to me most is when he said, “never do to a kid that which you would not do to an adult” (Beyond, 2005). It is so important for children to respect their parents and vice versa. Lavoie also explains that he dislikes the term “attention seeking behavior” because the child is blatantly telling you what he or she needs; attention. As parents, we must acknowledge this behavior and meet our child’s needs. Lavoie states that the most important thing we can do as parents is to give our kid’s roots and wings. Love, support, and a place to call home as well as the necessary push to explore and grow as an individual will help our kids

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