School Board Meeting Reflection

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For my educational experience, i attended a school board meeting on April 26th at the District center. This was my first school board meeting, so i wasn 't sure what to expect, but i wasn 't expecting that set up. I was expecting more parental and community involvement, those stereotypical parents who criticizes everything about the system. Instead i found myself with adults who looked like they were doing the same amount of observing as me. There was 8 board members sitting together in a closed square flip top, i didn 't particularly like this because a few members had there back faced to the guests and it felt like guests/other presenters weren 't as important or acknowledged really. Behind the members, were two rows of about 7 chairs, for guest. I 've noticed four cameras surrounded the room and a tv capturing everything. I found this rather interesting, that you can watch these at home and still get a feel what 's going on at the meeting. I chose to attend this school board meeting because i 've personally always wanted to go there and knew Ms. Barnes was going to be there, and felt more comfortable with a familiar face. I think as a future educator, it 's important to get involved within the community on issues revolving around education, becauses they do affect …show more content…

A third key target was family. This is a word used not only often in the presentation, but you hear a lot throughout AVID during the school year. AVID creates a sense of family amongst both the students and teachers. This is important because with such an important program with a massive goal of closing the achievement gap- it 's important that the students feel comfortable and welcomed with one another to see the most success. This connects directly with teaching because from personal experiences, i 've had the most success with classes i 've felt comfortable with and that 's something i value as a future teacher I wanna create a sense of family within my classroom as seen usually

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