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For this reflection assignment I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The AA meeting I attended was at St. Joe’s Education Center in Ypsilanti at 7:30 pm. As far as the demographics of the group: The number in attendance was about 60 people I would say, it was very packed surprisingly to me. I did not expect it to be that many people there. When I think of an AA meeting I think of a small meeting with maybe 20 people that are a close group not around 60. Also the age range was surprising, I was expecting to see all older adults but the age range was actually a very wide range. I would say from early twenties on up to late sixties. Male to females range was about equal, there were slightly more males in attendance at the meeting, which …show more content…

I believe this because of what I observed during the meeting, everyone seemed very open and nonjudgmental. Also the younger people in the meeting seemed very eager to get well or stay well. At the end of the meeting they gave out coins to people that have been sober from 30 days all the way up until multiple years. Every time people went up to get their coin, they were given a standing ovation and gave so much support, you would see people’s faces just light up during that process of getting the coin. The other people in the room made them feel proud of themselves for staying sober for that long and not giving up. One guy David really stood out to me, on Tuesday he celebrated 12 years sober, when he went and got his medal and stated that he was 12 years sober the room immediately congratulated him and told him to keep up the good work. It made me feel like the people there treat each other like family not strangers, and help each other overcome obstacles. Also at the very end of the meeting, while walking out I noticed people talking to the new people that were either new to Alcoholics Anonymous or new to the group at St. Joe’s. They were very welcoming to them and gave them hugs and congratulated the new members for coming. It just made me feel like this group actually helps the members change. This Alcoholics Anonymous group seemed like a very kind and supportive

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