Alcohol Anonymous Group Analysis

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The type of group that I observed was an Alcohol Anonymous group, which is also known as a self-help group. A self help group can be defined as, “A formed group, which may or may not be professionally led, composed of persons who share a common life situation.” (Hutchison, 2015, p. 565). The purpose of this group was for them to come together every week and talk about their mutual problems. In the group I specifically observed were mostly individuals who were addicted to alcohol, but also had an addiction to certain drugs. This group took place in a church called Christ Lutheran Church, every Friday at 5:30pm. There are often times where they have closed groups, which only the members are allowed to go to. The group I went to on one of the …show more content…

I am grateful because I am able to wake up in the morning.” This quote stood out to me because it made me think of how they see the world in such a different perspective than I do, they see it as a second chance at life. I also observed during the interactional process, there were mostly men speaking out. During the hour that I was there, only two women spoke about their experiences and about seven men shared their ideas. Everyone seemed very supportive of each other in the group, but I felt that maybe the women were not as involved in the conversation because there are not many of them. Fortunately, the group seemed to all be very welcoming to new comers and were a very affective group overall. I do believe that the group learned a lot by the end of the meeting. I also think it is very affective to have everyone read together the eleventh step, this step lead them into their discussion afterwards which I believe is informational. The discussion seems to be affective because everyone gets to open up and talk about the lesson for that day. During this time I learned a lot from the group and how prayer and meditation have helped them through the

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