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The community group I visited was Beaches Unity Group, which was located at 322 Penman Road. This was an Alcoholics Anonymous group that provided open discussion for people who were both struggling with alcohol abuse, as well as addiction. It gave the participants an opportunity to introduce themselves, and tell their background story. There where also opportunities to offer advice to the other members. I decided to sit in an AA group because there is history of alcoholism in my family, and so I was curious to hear the stories of other people, and how they are coping with their disorder. I chose this particular group because it was an open meeting and they welcomed anyone. The man running the group, was a member himself, and was very welcoming. The meeting started with the AA promise and 12 steps, which I believe they start every meeting with. There was not one specific topic focused …show more content…

Going in to the meeting I was terrified and felt very awkward. I did not want the members to think I was intruding or that I was there to judge. Once I got in the room, my whole outlook changed. I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed in the environment. There was one small moment of discomfort when one older member started making nasty comments to a very young member because he was “talking way too much”. The older man stated, “The thing that will save you, is if you shut up”. I found this to be very rude, as did many of the other members. I, however, did not say anything because it was not my place. Other than that short moment, I really enjoyed this meeting. In the end, it was beneficial to me because of my family history with alcoholism. It really opened my eyes to the struggles my family members have faced. There was always a chance for me to become an alcoholic due to the history, but I have been very lucky. Hearing the stories from these members made me realize that depending on alcohol will never an option in my

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