Observation On Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

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Recovery Group Observation I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a church in Henderson. Going to the recovery meeting was a very interesting experience. I have heard good things about Alcoholics Anonymous because my mom used to be an alcoholic. She has been sober for more than 15 years now and has said that Alcoholics Anonymous was very helpful step in her recovery. The meeting was different than I expected. I expected a small group of people sitting in a circle and telling their stories and it was very different from that. It was an extremely positive place. There were people ranging in ages and people ranging on length of sobriety. Some people there have been sober for over 25 years and some people had less than a week …show more content…

I imagined they would be more similar to what you see on TV and they were quite different to witness in person. On T.V they always portray Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as a major downer and they cast it in a darker light with a much more serious vibe. I always thought of Alcoholics Anonymous as a good place and I have always thought of it in a good light based on how my mother described it. I was happy to see that my feelings towards the meetings were correct. I was surprised how upbeat the meeting was. It seemed like a fun place to be while also being helpful in maintaining sobriety. I think one of the most influential things I learned from the meetings is that everybody can struggle from addictions and you would never know it. There are people from all different walks of life that have an addiction problem. Someone can have everything in their life and still be unhappy and turn to their addictions or they can struggle and have those addictions. I learned that it is a constant struggle for people. While at some times it may get easier there are things that will test your strength and you will have to overcome those things without relying on those addictions if you want to stay

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