Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Therapeutic Community Model

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Members of the treatment centre do not only have trouble with substance abuse but may have another problem along with it such as depression. Due to this, the therapeutic community model is the main model used because it is holistic. This model is also the main model used because the program not only focuses on helping individuals recover from substance abuse but also help them be able to become employed or go back to school when they set back out into the world. According to Mr. Jurawan, the centre wants to ensure individuals are able to get back up on their feet and have a better life. Evaluate the usefulness of the model(s) at the treatment center. (Strengths and weaknesses of using the model (s in that setting). The therapeutic community model is very useful because it is a long term intensive approach, is holistic and good. The strengths of using this model in the treatment centre are, it allows accountability since at the Piparo Empowerment Centre when an individual/s of the centre confronts a member about an issue/their behavior, not only are they supposed to be polite in their approach but the individual being confronted is supposed to take the criticism respectfully and try to fix/change their issue/behvaiour. The TC (therapeutic community) model also allows everyone to work together to help each other. It allows members of the centre to develop a strong bond with each other that will be necessary for them to recovery from substance abuse. Not only will they aid and

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