Drph Program Reflection

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What are your professional plans once you complete the degree?

I hope to use the degree I receive to gain acceptance into a DrPH program. Specifically, one focused on community and behavioral health. I hope to solve problems that are related to addiction. I want to educate communities about the realities of substance abuse and treatment. Using my interviewing skills, I would like to identify common themes and goals within specific drug cultures and communities. I plan to use the scientific method, to create and implement community programs based on the acquired qualitative data. Board behavioral studies will be used to provide evidence for sensible policies. If we look at reproductive health as an example, the “just say no” approach did
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As an organization, our goal is to change the conversations about mental health. I was able to raise awareness for a variety of mental health issues. The mission is to reduce the stigma of mental health. As an Executive Board member, I learned what it was like to be a active leader in the student community. I became more aware of the national and global initiatives that are being taken to achieve organizations. We addressed topics including stress management, eating disorders, body Image, suicide prevention and awareness, and more. My personal interest in advocating for substance abuse treatment was closely connected to many of the topics we discussed. I grew to understand that substance abuse is a complicated problem that affects individuals’ physical, mental and emotional…show more content…
I know that I want to work with addiction and I am taking the appropriate steps to become a specialized counselor. It will always be my primary goal to work with the substance abuse population. As I learned more about the real world problems this population faces, I realized that some problems cannot be addressed with counseling alone. I have come to understand substance abuse as a public health problem. I believe that the outdated practices and policies can be improved to create higher levels of successful recovery. An example that I draw from being Drug Courts. These specialized court systems include empirically based practices that were designed using behavior science. This program has found a 30% higher success rate, compared to traditional methods, when dealing with individuals who are struggling with addiction. These are the types of programs that hope to research, create, and
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