Reflective Report: Therapeutic Groups In An Al-Anon Group Session

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I had the privilege of sitting in an Al-Anon group session. Based on research (Cory) Al-Anon would be describes as a therapeutic group. A therapeutic group is made up of individuals who want to change themselves and their lives. Group interactions were interesting. This particular meeting was called a “newcomers” meeting which added another touch. I arrived early so I was able to observe the pre-meeting conversation, which was a valuable experience. The atmosphere was warm, friendly, nonthreatening, and accommodating. Members who knew each other acted like a family sub-unit, impressive. As with any group, the newcomers were obvious, me included. The chairs in the room were arranged in a circle, conversely, there were chairs on the back …show more content…

If a members were to see each other outside of the sessions they are not to acknowledge one another. When I questioned this I was told it is for the safety of all involved. Members have been hospitalize and even killed when alcoholic loved ones found out they were attending. Al-Anon, according to Yalom’s Curative Factors of Group Treatment, is Imparting of information. Meaning: Al-Anon empowers people. Al-Anon is about sharing experiences and communication, universality is the foundation. By doing so, the attendees learn through other’s experiences, experiences they have in common. The group was cohesive and had altruistic motives. Attending was a true learning experience. Opening and closing a session, new member orientation and the foundation on how Al-Anon runs. I feel very lucky to have attended a “newcomers” meeting. Counseling ethics push confidentiality. Interesting enough, Al-Anon mentioned, on four different occasions, anonymity and confidentiality. Al-Anon, it really felt like a safe place to communicate and share with

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