Naa Meeting Reflection

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I was interested in hearing stories and experiences of those who struggled with drug addiction. I wondered if I would receive any insight regarding my family members who have suffered from drug addiction. Going into the meeting, I was prepared to introduce myself if necessary and did not hold feelings of anxiety regarding the potential necessity for introduction. Upon arrival, I noticed a big church with various entrances. I was unsure where to enter and did not want to enter into the wrong door. I saw multiple people entering into the same door around 11:55 A.M. I politely confirmed the location of the NA meeting with an older gentleman walking in the direction of the others. As I entered the room, the reading of the serenity prayer was being recited. After this, there was a systematic protocol of various readings by different people within the group. After the proper process of beginning the meeting ended, a facilitator of the group began by informing everyone that a speaker would present his story for the meeting, following others sharing their …show more content…

The group support is monumental for those affected by addiction. The 12-step format provides a safe place for those suffering with addiction. As stated during the meeting, individuals feel alone and massive feelings of guilt that contribute to their addiction. Unlike individual therapy, 12-step programs offer group support from peers. The peer support helps people feel like they have support from people facing identical challenges. Suggestions and words of hope are instilled throughout the meeting. Incentives for sobriety are offered and encouragement is provided. There were several people who stated during the meeting that they attempted to attend church to curtail their addiction. However, they stated the self-help fellowship is what ultimately provided a framework for their

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