Insite Rehabilitation

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There are many benefits to the Insite program but I believe that the rehabilitation that is provided, is the most significant in terms of improving the lives of people with addiction. The reason that I think this is the most important is that it is the first step on the road to recovery. At Insite they provide support given by former addicts which is beneficial. This is important for people with addictions, because they will be able to connect with individuals who have struggled with similar issues. They will also feel like they are not alone and will not be embarrassed about their addiction. This program will allow safe discussions regarding their problems with people who have have knowledge on how to resolve their addiction. It is very significant …show more content…

This is important so that the patients would feel more comfortable and create a safer environment. “Insite is giving people confidence because we are down here and we are so beaten. People down here in the ghetto have no hope” (581). This quote demonstrates the feeling of hope that workers give to the patients suffering with drug addicts. The people with addictions at Insite are able to see that they had recovered from their addiction and they could too have a future ahead of them. People that come into Insite with addictions say that “they don’t mind talking to us, where other places they feel uncomfortable talking to people because they’re not talking to someone who is the same as them” (580). This quote illustrates the feelings the drug addicts get from communicating with people who have been through similar situations. The people with addictions connect with the workers at the Insite and feel comfortable sharing their stories with them. In conclusion, rehabilitation at Insite provides users with safe services and staff who were former addicts themselves which is beneficial to people with addictions and will help them improve their lives. This is a very important aspect of Insite that allows addicts to connect with others and allow them feel safe in this unique

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