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Toy story is the initially enlivened film by Pixar Directed by John Lasseter.Toy Story takes after a gathering of toys who put on a show to be dead at whatever point people are available. These toys are possessed by a kid named Andy.On His birthday he gets Buzz Light year who trusts himself as a genuine astronaut.Andy feels to supplant with his most loved toy Woody.As Andy gets ready for a family excursion at Pizza Planet, his mom permits him to bring stand out toy along. Dreading Andy will pick Buzz, Woody endeavors to trap Buzz behind a work area, yet the arrangement closes in disappointment when Woody unintentionally tossed Buzz out of the window and he was then blamed by the various toys for having slaughtered him.But fortunately…show more content…
Woody tails him in it yet Andy 's neighbor Sid arrives and activates the machine. Sid then take that machine to his home where Buzz and Woody got stuck. At that point both buzz and woody focuses on their primary objective how to dispose of mishandling arrangement of Andys cruel neighbor. Somehow the two of them with the help of Mutant toys effectively escapes from Sids house. With a proficient cooperation Buzz and Woody at long last made an arrival to Andys house. Where other toys appreciated Woody and he turns out to be closest companion with Buzz the light year. The motion picture is exceptionally pleasant and is best for the developing kids as it demonstrate the significance of Friendship.

Is the group in this film a team? The main characters in the film- Buzz, Woody and Mutant toys evolve as a team in the later story because they all worked together to help Buzz and Woody to escape from Sid 's house safely. Elements of a group- Group is something when 3 or more people collaborate with each other and agrees to share a common goal, share a feeling of belongingness towards one another, have an impact on each other whether positive or
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This shows that they worked as a team with a specific objective of saving their friend. At the end, they all managed to save their lifes from Sid and their mission got accomplished. 4 stages of group Cycle- - Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing 1. Forming- This is the first stage of group formation. At this stage members dont know each other well. They are friendly towards each other and behave in a good manner as they are new to each other.They try to know each other well and together they create goals to be achieved. Examples from the movie- When Buzz meets Woody for the first time they interact with each other well. Although Woody did not feel very good after meeting
Buzz because of his great features but he talked to him nicely and started exchanging conversations and thats how hey formed a group.
Direct quote from the film- " Thank you all for your kind welcome - Buzz ( 2. Storming- By this stage members know each others well and this is the time when their individual thinking and differences start
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