National Honor Society Narrative Report

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Blaze Robotics, FIRST© Team 3184. We are not just a team, we are a family. Inside each of our team members is a roasting fire of emotion in their hearts. Though we are small in number, we are great in our motivation to change our community. We are dedicated on sharing FIRST principles in our community and in our school to make a positive difference in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). We strive to inspire our students towards leadership, innovation, and self-improvement. As a team we believe everyone enters the program as a small flickering spark, but exits a strong flame. As we enter our 7th year, our goals are to encourage coopertition, increase the influence we have in our community, and keep our team a family.…show more content…
Soon we are hoping to add a Jr FLL league to Burnsville’s community. Currently we have two FLL teams and four FTC teams. We work with these local teams hands on to make opportunities for them to learn and experience STEM early on. Students on Team 3184 often go to these teams and help mentor them. We are orientated on giving the opportunity of knowing the expertise of FIRST to every child, but especially focus on the young girls. We want to show them their importance in the world of FIRST. Team 3184 is also involved in FIRST Ladies; we believe the importance of having a growing number of women in STEM is crucial to our society’s future. Having these students start at an early age will help them when they are older and transition to an FRC league, like Blaze Robotics. This will also help them in their future careers with lots of prior knowledge of STEM. Anyone is welcome to come check us out, and we encourage it, on season and off season or off. Every meeting we have aspects of FIRST are being learned and taught. We strongly encourage our team members to be aware of aspects of the team that might not be their specialty. For example, those who specialize at building the robots are aware of the business and marketing areas of the team. It is important to us that we work together and support each other. Every student has a job to be done that is correlated to our benefit. Team 3184 has a strong mission goal to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We take part in several parades yearly to help the spread the fire of Blaze Robotics and FIRST. Our alumni and mentors have also been inspiring and helpful, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Our founding mentor for example, he now works with NASA in San Diego. One of our coaches, Danny Blau, now works for AndyMark in Indiana. Our current lead mentor Sean, won the Woodie Flowers award two years

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