Baird Scholars Reflection

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The community and legacy of Baird Scholars is one that focuses on excelling and improving, not only oneself, but the entire community as a whole. Looking forwards, I feel I could greatly contribute to the Baird community. Throughout high school, I always took challenging or advanced classes in order to push myself, and to expand my knowledge. I also had many experiences both as a leader and a volunteer. My main experience in leadership was in the Tanque Verde Bible Club, a group started by a fellow student and carried on by a group of five leaders. I became the president of this club in 2015, and have continued to be selected as the president each year since. During my time as president of this club, many conflicts have arisen, and have taught me how important it is to communicate and be open to what others have to say. This could contribute to the Baird community by allowing me to reach out to others when they are in conflict in order to help them resolve it, along with helping me be open to constructive criticism to be able to grow. Another experience that I feel represents what the Baird community represents was when I volunteered for a year at my school as a teacher's aide in a special needs adaptive physical education class. In this class, I helped students with physical and mental disabilities learn how to overcome their …show more content…

By being a part of the legacy of Baird Scholars, I could be a student who represents the core of what the Baird community is, a student who pushes them-self to work hard, serve others, and become interdependent with others so that we may all grow stronger and smarter together as a

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