Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Tim Burton Analysis

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Tim Burton is a man praised for his cinematic style and contributions into the world of film. Tim Burton is influenced by his fascination with children’s stories and fairy tales. An article states, “Burton stories encourage escapism into worlds of fantasy and supernatural.” Some of his children’s movies are rather dark but delightful.Tim Burton was influenced by Roald Dahl along with other well-known authors such as Dr. Suess. The plot of a story is only half of the battle. The other half is grabbing the viewers attention and making them interested and anxious about what happens next. Burton does that by using his skills and technique. A great example of this is shown at the beginning of the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” when the …show more content…

The camera follows her in with a close up on her face to see her reaction , it is very dark and quiet when all of a sudden a man is then seen who has scissors for hands, hence the name Edward Scissorhands, he looks very much afraid of the lady and it is obvious he has not had much human contact. The lady is not scared at all and in fact she takes him home. Like most of Tim’s films, this one is distorted and humorous. In one of the scenes which was probably the most dramatic, Edward pushed Kevin out of the road so that he would not get hit by intoxicated drivers. Edward tries to grab Kevin’s face and make sure he okay but since Edward has his very sharp scissorhands, he scratches Kevin. Everyone accuses Edward as if he was trying to hurt Kevin, which causes controversy. The use of this technique is to make people feel bad for Edward because some people accuse him of being a bad person but the truth is he is not, it’s not his fault he was made this way, in fact his hands are so sharp that he even cuts himself by accident

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