Similarities Between Tim Burton And Edward Scissorhands

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Film enthusiasts might know the famous movie director Tim Burton. In all his fame and glory audiences probably wouldn't expect him to be a loner and not part of the cool group in high school. Burton was not part of the cool group, he was not liked, and was a loner, according to The FW. But if it wasn't for his childhood isolation, Burton wouldn't have produced all of his movies today. Burton has a unique type of style, that could be described as dark and ominous. In "Frankenweenie” Burton uses dark lighting to create an ominous feeling. He uses this technique in Edward Scissorhands also. Burton likes to use dark colors and likes to try and make his films look scary, creepy, and out of the ordinary, which is why many teenagers liked his films. …show more content…

But Burton can also create a happy and enlightening feeling also like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In both films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Edward Scissorhands, Burton uses Lighting to help create a mood or feeling for the viewer. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when the kids enter the factory and Willy Wonka shows them where the chocolate is made, everything is bright and colorful. This creates an enlightening and happy mood. Burton can also use lighting to create a dark, and ominous feeling or mood. For example, in Edward Scissorhands when Edward was hiding from Peg in his room, there was a shadow cast over him so you could only see the outline of his body. This makes Edward seem like a threat and dangerous. Burton can also use music and sound to create a

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