Tim Burton Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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The Different Ones Everyone is judged in today’s society and make the people who are different than everyone else stand out the most. These so called different people can choose to live a life of despair or grow out of their shell and be proud of who they are. Tim Burton is one of these people. Burton has taken what is different about him and turned it into a career which has made him one of those well-known directors in the movie community. Tim Burton uses his strange thoughts of darkness and exaggeration to make the most unique movies ever made. Burton’s mind has made movies such as Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory where the unique characters are different than most others. Burton uses close ups, high key lighting, and long shots to show that people can overcome their fears and be successful in …show more content…

Charlie in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory lives in a broken down house with his whole family. It is dark inside and everyone, though they are happy, are in bad moods. Then Charlie’s dad bring home the final piece he needs for his factory remake. When Charlie pulls out his sculpture it almost seems as if it is glowing white because this a magnificent piece of artwork for someone who has never had anything. Through the high key lighting on the piece of art he shows what an accomplishment that is that no one will ever think much of. In Edward Scissorhands, Peg has the idea to check out the abandoned mansion on the mountain for some peculiar reason. As she drives up the mountain it is dark and puts off a scary feeling. But as soon as she walks through the gates, the sun starts to beat down on the amazing bush sculptures that are almost unrealistic like. Through the high key lighting Burton makes you appreciate the magnificent sculptures that the outsider Edward has created that no one has seen

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