Tim Burton's Use Of Isolation In Edward Scissorhands

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The unknown is often associated with danger because of society. Tim Burton would argue that the abnormal could often be the uttermost significant in life. Through color contrast and physically abnormal characters, Burton displays in his films that society wrongly teaches people to fear the unknown. Burton uses color contrast to show the isolation and the unknown of the outcast characters in his films. For instance, in Edward Scissorhands, Edward was introduced when Peg found him sitting in a corner all alone. As Edward walked out of the corner, there is low-key lighting used. This makes the corner feel terribly dark and cold, and reveals that Edward is extremely isolated from the rest of society. This is because the neighborhood below the …show more content…

Within Edward Scissorhands, when other characters meet Edward, they identify him as a freak of nature, as someone who might hurt them. When Kim was coming back home, she encountered Edward for the very first time. Numerous shot-reverse-shots were used to revealed the terror in her eyes. As she screamed at the very top of her lungs, she had woken up the entire house. Peg had to calm her down to tell her that Edward was someone not to fear, despite his gargantuan scissors for hands. Additionally, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, after the characters hear the song about Willy Wonka, a various number of shot-reverse-shots were used to show their blank faces as they looked at him in disgust. The only people who thought of Willy Wonka as normal were Charlie and his grandpa. The other parents, especially didn’t regard him as normal. When Wonka put out his hand, none of them even thought twice about shaking his hand. As the entered the factory, one of the parents even said “Is it just me, or does Wonka look a few quarters short of a buck?” This is a dead giveaway that they are not accepting of Willy Wonka. Even though Edward and Wonka do not look the same or act the same as the rest of society, they intend to cause no harm to anyone. They are people too, and want to be accepted as

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