Does Tim Burton Use Film Techniques Used In Edward Scissorhands

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“I always like dark characters.” These are the words of the creative genius that is film director, Tim Burton. In his films, Burton uses eerie and dark overtones to create a whimsical, gentle horror, fantasy film. Burton’s films almost always have a hint of darkness because of his childhood, and influences lide, Edgar Allan Poe, and Vincent Price. Tim Burton has directed works such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, and Batman. In Tim Burton’s films he uses sound, lighting, and camera angles to produce an unpredictable gothic nuance.
Tim Burton, uses lighting techniques to make the characters of his films have a certain look. Tim Burton uses backlighting to make a character seem trustworthy. For example, when Peg is going door to door this backlighting gives Peg a sort of angelic glow. The lighting says that she is trustworthy and nice, and that the neighbors should hear her out when she is trying to sell her Avon products. Peg’s joyous glow stays with her throughout the movie when she tends to …show more content…

Tim Burton uses low angle shots to make characters seem powerful. For instance, in Edward Scissorhands, when the neighborhood women are staring at Edward at the barbecue. This low camera angle gives a view at the women that they are large predators that are going to take advantage of Edward who is naive and clueless. The women continue to take advantage of him throughout the fil. Tim Burton also uses eye level shots to show reaction on a character’s face. In Big Fish, when Will is talking to his wife in bed about his father, Burton uses a eye level shot to capture Will’s facial expressions. In the film, when Will’s father is mentioned, the has a negative expression because he thinks his father is a liar. This negative attitude starts with Will until the end of the movie when Will’s father is dying, and Will has to tell his father a

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