Beetle Genre In Tim Burton's Films

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A couple digs up a grave and inside the grave is a coffin, the lid starts to shake and out comes a man to help them with their troubles. But his methods are questionable. Beetle guise from beetle juice is one of the many shady characters in Tim Burton’s films. His films often have a dark almost gothic feel to them and this is shown best by his use of low key lighting, music, and dialog. His use of low key lighting brings out a dark sense of mystery to show this is an example form Edward scissor hands. In the being scene with the mansion when Peg Boggs goes up to the roof in a dark corner crouches Edward he looks evil because of the low key lighting. Another example is in beetle juice when the Maitlands get home right after they crash it is …show more content…

Burton uses this excellently to show an even darker tone to the move if you pay attention. A great use of this is in Edward scissor hands in the attic of the mansion when he first meets Peg, she asks him if he had a mom or dad then proceeded to ask where they were Edward responds with, “they never woke up”. With a similar depth of meaning beetle guise says he survived the black plague which means he was alive before the renaissance. As you can see this is just some of the depth and meaning in Burtons films. Overall Burton’s dark style is obviously seen in his films like Edward Scissor hands And Beetle juice. It is very clear that the best ways he shows this is through low key lighting, music, and dialog. A dark and old house with no light gives a better example of fear than a glimmering mansion. Dark music helps enhance the mood of helplessness and suspense. Lastly dialog helps create a feeling of reality and meaning to the pictures and music that fly off the screen toward you. Through these techniques burton has made a completely unique style of directing. In conclusion his style has rocked the world of

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