Beetlejuice Film Analysis

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Tim Burton contributes to the world of animation in the film industry and redefined stop motion . Lighting is an important cinematic technique directors can use to set the mood for a particular scene. For instance, high-key lighting is used to flood a scene with light, often making the set and characters appear happy and safe. In contrast, low-key lighting casts deep shadows across the set and characters creating a sense of danger. Burton makes good use of lighting techniques in many of his films. For instance, in the film “Beetlejuice,” Burton uses high-key lighting in the interior of the Maitlan’s house to give it a comfortable, cozy feel that reflects the personality of the family; however, after that family dies in a traffic accident and the Deetz's move in and “renovate” the home, the lighting becomes much darker. This contrast makes the house seem cold and unsettling, matching the personality of the new family. This technique is exemplified by the scene in which the Deetzes host a dinner party for out-of-town guests. The action alternates between the brightly lit attic where the ghosts of the Maitlans reside in safety to the gloomy dining room of the main house where the nasty, selfish Deetzes live out their cold, heartless lives. …show more content…

the audience watches a family as they attempt to navigate the streets of Gotham City which are cast in stark, gloomy shadows. This use of low-key lighting helps to create the image of a city that is cold and dangerous. In Beetlejuice, We see an Establishing shot of the huge white

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