Donnie Darko Lighting

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Donnie Darko is a fiction movie written and director by Richard Kelly and release for a sci fi, drama, tragedy, romance and thriller. It is a serious exploration of physical and metaphysical reality. This movie explains the meaning of madness, the ability to perceive the divine, and the possible overlap between them. This complex demonstration can be translated as heroism and sacrifice in the everyday life of Donnie Darko. The movie is centered around a young 17 year old biy names Donnie Darko. He is a teenager with a brilliant intellect and a mind blowing experience. The movie portrays a unique and original thinking; Donnie is a piece of the puzzle who did not fit in his family, but fit perfectly with his friend Frank, a character dressed in a creepy rabbit costume. The meaning of the movie come as a equal sign …show more content…

The lighting in Donnie Darko movie is a key component of composition which creates our sense of illuminating for people and things. This movie uses two sources of lighting; natural light, such as daylight, when the scene is in an outdoor area for example, walking from school, at home, waiting at bus stop, or playing outside of the school on sunny days. Another source of light is artificial spotlight which is used in the movie indoors to cut and shape the light at the dining table, in the classroom or in the psychotherapist's house. Also, distinct shadows are used as an essentially smooth surface that reflects hard light in the Halloween party to feature deep shadows and scary areas in function of the plot. Three-points of lighting create ominous shadows in the horror genre for all the actors at Donnie and Elizabeth's Halloween party with lighting from below the cast to create monstrous objects in real life. How Donnie, his parents or friends feeling are effects of lighting flooding in order to directly understand the meaning of development of

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