Examples Of Light And Darkness In Blanche Dubois

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Thesis: Light is symbolic of realism or to put it cruder the ugly reality. Darkness is symbolic of fantasy or the fabrication created by characters. Introduction: Throughout the play and film adaptation of, A Streetcar Named Desire, we view the main characters progression throughout the thought provoking story. Specifically, we see Blanche Dubois lose touch with reality as she avoids the light and attempts to manipulate the other characters. Blanche is fearful of the light because of her traumatic past that she has faced. Her fear of being revealed in the light shows her true nature, manipulative, delusional and malevolent. Tennessee Williams uses the motif of light and dark to explore and delve into the characters of Blanche Dubois, Stanley Kowalski, and Mitchell. The two opposing forces in a streetcar named desire are Light and Darkness. To show this Tennessee Williams brilliantly disguises multiple words with double meanings. The two forces are also represented by the two purposely, opposed characters, Stanley Kowalski who represents Light and Truth and Blanche Dubois who represents Darkness and Fantasy. Williams even makes the characters personality and historic background contrast greatly to further emphasize this idea of opposing forces of Light and darkness. Stanley Kowalski is, Non- apologetic, Low social status Strong and Robust Exposes Blanche. Blanche Dubois: Mysterious and Manipulative High social status Fragile and Delicate and has an Inability to overpower

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