A Streetcar Named Desire Marriage Analysis

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Examining Marriage in Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee William’s 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire takes place in Elysian Fields, New Orleans, and portrays the marital situation of this time. This play illustrates conflict over the marriage of Stella and Stanley. This marriage can be seen as strict, and controlling but also full of lust. Stella’s sister, Blanche, sees through the illusion and can see how toxic the marriage really is. Stanley and Blanche come from distinctly different backgrounds, Stanley is from the working class while Blanche comes from wealth. Williams uses these two contrasting points of views on marriage, to show the issues of possessiveness, class, and sexism.
When it comes to Stanley’s marriage to Stella, one of the most notable characteristics is how possessive Stanley is. An example of this is when Stanley found out that Blanche and therefore Stella, lost their estate. “In the state of Louisiana we have the Napoleonic code according to which what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband and vice versa” (22). Although he sounds like is supporting Stella in the fact that she was “cheated” out of her property, he is really being self-considerate. This quote shows that Stanley feels entitled to whatever Stella owns. Stanley is a man of the working class, and with this estate and the wealth that comes with it, Stanley feels as though he is also wealthy. With this wealth, Stanley would feel and act more even more superior than
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