Who Is Responsible For Blanche's Downfall

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A streetcar named desire was written by Tennessee Williams in 1947, in purpose to show the “declining of the upper class and the domination of the bourgeois middle class in the U.S.A. where the south agriculture class could not compete with the industrialization.” Blanche Dubois the protagonist of our story, a southern beauty that is trapped by the restrictive laws of her society. But she broke them, and eventually put herself in a state, where she had no job and no house. So she had to go to her sister, Stella and live with her and her sister’s husband, Stanley. While staying there, she created a façade for her to hide her flaws and kept acting as a lady, where she is anything but that. To hide her true self, Blanche restored to duplicity, coupled with her voracious desire and ubiquitous deception caused her a breakdown. In the following paragraphs, there will be more events that led Blanche to such end. One of the things that led Blanche to her downfall is the past. The past, where she was the reason why she lost her husband, Alan, he …show more content…

For example, she kept telling her sister to move on with the world and to not stay with her husband. In fact, it is the other way round, she is the one who must move on and find something to do with her life, instead of drinking away her problems. Her attitude toward having sex with Mitch is contradictory too, she wants to show her as pure and reserved person, but she isn’t a bit of that, if she didn’t lie about that, she could have connected with him on the physical level too and she would move on a little bit, because she has someone with her and will stay with her. And who knows, maybe it would have been easy for her to confess to him what she did in Laurel because they would be closer towards each

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