The Princess Bride Film Techniques

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First of all, The Princess Bride is a movie about love, vengeance, and companionship. The story focuses on a farm girl, Buttercup, who has been chosen as the prince's bride to Prince Humperdinck. However, Buttercup does not love him, as she mourns the death of her one true love, Westley. She is later on kidnapped by a band of bandits: Vizzini, Fezzik, and Montoya. However, they are chased by Dread Pirate Roberts himself, aka Westley and attempts to rescue Buttercup. Either way, we shall be focusing on how the production features help create Westley in The Princess Bride. Considering this, filmmakers utilize costumes, acting, camera angles and shots to help develop Westley. Costumes play a huge role in this movie, they portray many features about the characters. Westley’s costume tells us a lot about him, this can be his mask and the sword, the black pigment of his costume and slightly ripped costumes. The mask and sword can represent his dangerous and mysterious behavior, in addition, this can also suggest heritage or a prize. This is because being trained by Dread Pirate Roberts can be dangerous since he is a pirate and this can also involve a lot of fights and battles and as a prize for his success, he is rewarded with the costume and sword. On the other hand, this can …show more content…

Through as variety of angles such as high angle, low angle, (extreme) close-up, and etc. High angle shots help Westley seem more robust in a difficult situation and medium, close up or neutral shots for very specific emotions and actions. In contrast, he is never vulnerable to anyone and the need for low angle shots are minute. In this case, this would be in the battle against Fezzik, where Westley was put in a low angle shot in order to make Fezzik appear much stronger. This emphasizes Fezzik's appearance and makes Westley seem vulnerable and thus, giving a

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