Ode To Joy And Sadness Analysis

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“Ode to Joy (and Sadness, and Anger)” 1. Write a one-paragraph summary of Scotts review, being sure to identify his criteria for evaluation and the extent to which he claims the movie did or did not satisfy them. In his review, “Ode to Joy (and Sadness, and Anger)”, Scott describes the film Inside Out. He claims that what makes the film so popular and groundbreaking is the connection it has to the audience. Any audience, whether children, teens, or adults, can identify with the characters of Inside Out. Scott also contributes the film’s success to the quality of the animation, saying the film “ranks among Pixar’s grandest visual triumphs.” The superb animation and the degree to which the audience connects to the film are what, in Scott’s eyes, make Inside Out great. 2. Do you find Scott’s TONE authoritative? Why or why not? How does Scott establish his own AUTHORITY and CREDIBILITY--or fail to do so? Point to specific parts of the text to support your response. Scott’s tone in this piece is authoritative. He chooses words that convey how well-informed and interested he is on the topic, making him seem to be an authority to the reader. Scott establishes his authority and credibility by showing how much research and thought he has put into his review. For example, Scott mentions several leading actors in the film, as well as their previous roles. He also mentions information about the animation studio that created Inside Out, “Pixar animators conquered water and
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