Analysis Of The Movie The Pursuit To Happyness

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Introduction Organizational Behavior is the field of study which investigates the impact that individuals, group and structures have on behavior within the organization. We are born in an organization, we live, we work and most probably we will die in an organization. Yet most of us do not understand how people function, behave and interact between each other within these organizations. We also do not understand if people shape an organization or an organization shapes people. Different people work differently in different situations. Organizational behavior helps to understand and predict behavior of the people and helps to improve relations between management and employees. Concepts of OB in Movie Movies just not only provide an entertainment, sometimes it is also provide some beautiful concepts and ideas. In the same way in my project movie “The Pursuit to Happyness” also have very beautiful and great concepts and ideas that I like to discuss here. Background of “The pursuit to Happyness” I watch the movie “The pursuit to happyness” not for entertainment but as my final project of organizational behavior (OB) to identify the concepts that are discuss in OB. The story of the film the pursuit to happyness was inspired the real story of Chris Gardner. The lead Role of Chris Gardner was played by famous film star Will Smith. Other important characters are Thandie Newton and Jaden Smith. Director of the film was Gabriele Muccino and this film was released in 2006 and

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